5 Reasons Why I Need A Phone

There are such a significant number of reasons why it's essential for me to have a cell phone! Furthermore, it's not on the grounds that I cherish checking Facebook, Instagram notifications at whatever point I'm exhausted (despite the fact that I do!).

Here are 5 reasons should account for and let me have my very first cell phones.




Entirely soon, I will begin driving! Fortunately, you don't need to escort me around any longer. I would be driving the vehicle and in case of an emergency situation, I will need a phone. No, I am not saying this as I have a desire to own phone. This is a valid reason. There may be any kind of emergency while driving like, perhaps if I met with an accident, I would need a phone to inform this to my family members before it's too late!




Most of my friends are active in various social platforms and so I will also be requiring a cell phone to fit in their group, otherwise, I would feel as if I am left out! Maintaining friendships or companionship is another important reason why I need to have a phone. If you are also looking forward to buying a cell phone, just compare products and pick the right one for yourself!




Instructors realize that most of the children today utilize cell phones, so they are integrating new innovation into their exercise designs. Having a cell phone could really make me a brilliant student as I can then be educated on any topic with Wikipedia and other web resources.


Learn Important Skills


With the phone, I could achieve excellence in any of the skills of my interest. I can learn a foreign language, and even learn to play a musical instrument with Google and YouTube. Isn’t is a great idea to polish your skills. That’s the reason why we need a cell phone.


There's an App for Everything!


Have you seen all the astonishing applications you can download for cell phones? I can take in a wide range of things—how to cook, how to dance, how to deal with a financial plan. I will also get access to a wide range of games and can also pass my leisure time reading blogs.


These were some of the valid reasons why I need to have a cell phone. Hope these points are enough to specify the importance of mobile phones.