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Top 4 Tips To Remain Anonymous While Browsing Online

Even though you might think like that what is the need of browsing anonymously when you are using the network under the restriction of legality. But even with the numerous security on the network, there are the chances that someone may trespass your network to eavesdrop your data. Which is why it became important for the Internet users to browse anonymously without being exposed to any of the online threats.

Here are shown some tips using which you can keep your Internet browsing anonymous.

Use encryption software

You can use encryption software to encrypt the private data in the secure form in your system. Such data cannot be accessed without the authorization of the user of that encrypted software. If you would like to share your data with the others then you can share the keyword to those individual whom you want to share your data with.

Encrypted Email

If you do not want that the receiver of the email would be able to view your email id, then you should use encryption on your email. There are some popular encryption tools which you can use to send your mail anonymously. You can also add the extension of such tools on your browser which make it easier for use.

VPN services

If you would like to have anonymous browsing on the network then this is the best option for you. Having the best VPN service on your system will help you to keep your IP and DNS address masked with the address of some different location. There are many paid and free VPN services online available. Based on your own requirement you can opt for the best one.

Alternative search engines

Most of the people use Google as search engines. Google also check the location of the user and it also searches the past history of the user to link your browsing habit with your IP. Which leaks lots of your personal information on the network. It also allows searching about the personal information about the other person, which increase the hazard of personal data leakage. While it is better to use other search engines which are not as popular as Google but they are also quite effective.

Using the above-shown tips you can be able to enhance your anonymous browsing. It will help you to keep your data secured from the external trespassing in your network.