What Are The Hacks For Faking Pregnancy?

Fake pregnancy is one of the best ways of getting extra love, affection, sympathy and many more things that you generally don’t get from all the people around you. Do you also want to fake pregnancy? If yes then this article is completely worthy enough for you to read. This consist all the simple and easy-to-follow hacks that can make people believe easily without any doubt that you are pregnant.



Vomiting is convincing


It is one of the best and easy-to-fake that you can do for making people realize around that you are pregnant. As we all know that vomiting is an organic part or symptom that a woman is pregnant have. After getting married your in-laws give serious attention to all these things and think that you are probably pregnant. It is bizarre but you have to fake vomiting for making your pregnancy look realistic.


Make demands for eating sour food


It is also one of the natural symptoms that women make when they get pregnant. However, if you did not want to get pregnant at this point in your life then this completely okay. You can easily fake pregnancy for getting all the benefits of pregnant women. So demand consistently for sour food items. Make yourself look like you are craving for eating sour food items like pickles. So then your drama of being pregnant look even truer and real.


Fake reports


It is completely right that making a fake report of pregnancy is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of hard work and mind game. But no need to worry about this girls. Nowadays there are a lot of online sites available that make false pregnancy reports like the fake ultrasound for the women who want to hoax people around them by lookalike pregnant.


Do some cheating with your make-up  


We have seen many times that pregnant women look quite different when it comes to their facial appearance. They usually get brown marks on their face naturally. So you are not pregnant really you are just faking. So you not going to get these facial marks organically. So go and do some hack with your make-up. Make your face look brown using make-up color shades.




Fatigue is the most common and natural sign of pregnancy. Complain to your partner and relatives that you are feeling very low and tired. Enjoy extra hour naps even in the daytime that make people around you convincing enough that yes you are pregnant.


These are some wonderful and easy-to-follow hacks for faking the pregnancy. I hope all these points will help all the girls out there who want to fake their pregnancy.