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4 Adorable Ways To Tie A Bandana On Your Dog

Nowadays pet lovers also want to compete on the platform of fashion. There are lots of fashionable stuff available for pets in the market, using which you can enhance the look of your dog. While bandanas can be considered as the perfect accessory for your dog. You can find different options and varieties with dog bandanas, as you can get a shirt collar bandana, or you can get a bow shape one. While wearing such bandanas, your pet will look more cute and lovely.

Here are 4 ideas using which you can tie bandanas in different ways to make your dog look cute and lovely.


Cowboy style


You can use a simple bandana and fold it in the form of triangular shape. Now you can tie the bandana around the neck of your dog. Make sure that long triangular part of the bandana remains on the front side and it should be kept downwards like real cowboy bandanas. While you can change the positioning a little bit to the left or the right side to get the perfect cowboy look for your dog.


Basic role tie bandana


You can use a simple bandana and fold it in triangular form. Then you should roll it to form a long tie. Tie it in the form so it would look more attractive on your dog. It gives the simplistic yet effective look for your adorable dog.


Cape style


You want to style your dog as a super dog with a cape, while you can get a super-dog printed bandana for your dog or you can use a normal one and fold it as you have done in cowboy style bandana. Tie the bandana such that the triangular long part will remain on the back of your dog.


Bow tie knot Bandana


The process of tying a Bow bandana on your dog is not as easy as the other method. While it gives the most sophisticated and stylish look to your dog. To for the bow knot, you can use a normal bandana and fold it in a way so that two ends of the bandana lie on the center. Fold it such that it would look like a ribbon, while you should give it a shape of a bow by tying knot at the center part.


Now you are ready to bring your dogs in the stage to walk in the ramp with fashionable bandanas on their neck.