Drug Addiction

What Are The Side Effects Of Cocaine On The Human Body?

As we all know that cocaine is a type of drug. But most of us do not know much about it. Cocaine is a fast reacting central nervous system stimulant that instantly produces short-term intense euphoric emotion in the human body that last for maximum fifteen minutes to maximum an hour.

I am sure that most of you even don’t know that how long does cocaine stay in your system?  Well this completely depends on the dosage of it. According to studies, it has been found that due to high dosage of cocaine it gets detected in the urine and saliva of human body up to three weeks. That threating right! But it is truth and we cannot change it. This article is all about the harmful side effects of the cocaine on the human body. So just take a look!

Effects brain in seconds

Cocaine can be taken through many ways like by injecting, smoking, inhaling, and many more. If somebody smoke or inhale cocaine, it directly and in more than no time effects the human brain. That make you feel unusual and stronger. It directly effects your central nervous system by flowing through the bloodstreams.

Make you feel intensely euphoric

Cocaine inhalation blocks the normal reabsorption of the hormones that mainly work for making human being happy and pleased. That give drug addict an instant and temporary intense feeling of euphoria and joy which according to doctors only maximum lasts for an hour.

Blood vessels gets constricted

Cocaine directly stimulates the central nervous system which regulates our flight and fight response. That tightens up the blood vessels through which blood flows to the body tissues and organs.

Heart rate get rise

Blood vessels get narrowed by consuming cocaine as we look above that make heart make work really hard for pumping blood to all the organs of the human body. That is really dangerous and undesirable for our body.

Triggers intense cravings

High doses of cocaine triggered the feeling of craving by seeing some specific people that reminds them of getting high and energetic. Cocaine effects also the memory part of the brain that make people to recall the places of pleasure. This make people to go back in the place where they enjoy the feeling of pleasure.

Cocaine inhalation is really harmful for human body. It effects human body physically as well as mentally. Anxiety is one of the main mental disorder noticed in many of the cocaine addict people.