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Top 5 Rolex Watches Which Are Popular All Over The World

Rolex watches have inevitably been viewed as the first 'apparatus watch'. People who love vintage Rolex watches love the sentimental idea that such a significant number of the exemplary models were made for particular, practical purposes. People who are frequently exceptionally daring ones prefer these types of watches over others.

There are tons of watches which best suits the men as well as women. Hence, here we will see some of the amazing types of Rolex watches which have attracted people because of their good quality and practicality.


Cosmograph Daytona


This watch is named after Daytona Florida, one of the best racing capitals of the world. Cosmograph Daytona has been in production since 1963 because of its so much popularity. It is specially designed for the car racers who love this watch and its look. The technical and performance features are undeniably the best in the market.




Submariner is one of the best watches ever made by the Rolex Company. It is highly popular in the sports world. First, it was made for the scuba divers which had a depth range up to 340 feet but now you can easily get a 1000 feet depth watch. Scuba divers wear it to check their depth time under the water. Not only among the sports person, this watch is highly famous among the musicians and celebrities also.




If you love the feel and look of gold than this is an eye catchy watch which you can buy. This watch represents the luxury, class, and sophistication of the company and the user. There are many rappers who love wearing gold prefer wearing this watch.




You can say that it is famous amongst both men and women. It has been in production since 1992, it looks stylish and anyone can easily fell in love with its built quality.


Day date


If you want to describe this watch and want to put it in simple words than you can simply say that it is a decent and elegant piece of art. With 950 Platinum and 18 ct gold, this watch made its debut in the year 1956. It is loved by the professionals all over the world.

Because of all these watches, Rolex has made a name in the market. Nowadays Rolex has become a brand which defines the luxury and extravaganza. There are many companies who have earned tones of money by selling the Rolex Replicas watches. People who want to enjoy wearing a luxury watch prefer to buy Rolex Replicas to enjoy it. These are some of the Rolex watches which are popular all over the world.