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What Are The Tools That Every New Home Owner Should Buy?

If you have just bought your first house then fill your toolbox with all the necessary and essential tools that can be required for any sort of emergency. In this article, we are going to talk about the tools that every new homeowner should buy. So just take a look!

Corded drill

It is very important for you to have a best corded drill in your new house. So that you can drill the holes in the walls where you need in the house for making accessories hang on the wall. You have to go for buying a multi-purpose drill and battery powered drill that can be used for the number of tasks.

Crescent Wrench

Crescent wrench is one of the most essential tools for the new house. It may be possible that you do not need a full set of wrenches. So just get one or two adjustable wrenches. Because it is needed at the time of fitting nuts and bolts on different things as per your requirement. It’s better if you go for buying of the adjustable wrench so that its jaw gets adjusted according to the bolts and nuts of different sizes.


A hammer is must for the toolbox of new house. Buy one that is of lightweight. So that you can easily handheld it. The size of the hammer must go with the size of the nails. If the weight of the hammer is large then must go with the big nails and if the hammer is of less weight then go for the little-sized nails.

Extension cord

The extension cord should be present in the new house because they get used in the outdoor parties of the home inauguration.


You must get one hacksaw in your toolbox. It is a very useful tool for cutting plastic conduit, tubing, brackets, bolts, rods, metal pipes and wood. Purchase all-purpose hacksaw that can be used for cutting all these things.

Types of hardware

Keep a good selection of nails and screws always in the house toolbox. So you always have a choice for the selection of different hardware. They are very useful for all the general purposes. You can keep them in different compartments of the toolbox in order to make discrimination between them according to size.

These are the top six tools that should be present in the new house toolbox. They all play their unique and different role in the improvement and repair work of the new house.